6 Types Of People You’ll Meet At Your Workplace

You’ll meet a lot of different people when you’re working for a company. People who you relate to, who you cannot stand or who might be your forever. It’s like a grocery bag full of fruits! Different colors, different tastes, so many different shapes. Whether you’re already working or you’re just fresh out of college looking to join a firm; here are the types of people you’ll definitely meet at your workplace.

1) The Obedient First Bencher.

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Attention is their favorite treat. On their priority list-self is on number one. There are chances of you finding him near the coffee machine trying to make friends with others because he’s a people pleaser and also because they all hate him. He was the guy in your class who reminded the teacher about the homework and used to top every year. However he’s a genius, with what he does. He’s also the boss’s favorite pet. Stay away from this guy, you never know he’ll be standing right behind you while you’re liking your crush’s picture on Facebook.

2) The Office Barbie.


Lunch is her favorite time of the day. I’m not even sure if she knows how to spread butter on bread but spreading rumors is her forte. She loves hogging on rumors! This person craves attention and will do whatever it takes to gain that. Never let out your genuine secrets to them it’ll be in the newspaper next morning! If you’re working at your desk and you hear tick-tocks of branded heels, know it’s her.  Miniskirts, handbags, 50 selfies everyday captioned ‘working so hard’, bright red lipsticks? Yeah she’s all about that.

3) The Ego Maniac.


This guy has an inflated sense of self worth. He proudly takes in comments like ‘hi Mr. Know-it-all’ and almost brags about it cause he really thinks he does know it all. Don’t tell them what to do. That is never going to work; it’s like stabbing their ego with a knife when they’re sitting on one. He’s a potential bully, but most probably he won’t give into that. This guy owns the whole office, but only in his mind!

4) The Cool Cat.


This guy works on the principle of peace. Minds his own business at all times. Basically, he’s Chandler. Even if something’s bothering them they’ll clench their fists and paint a smile on their face. He’s in good terms with everyone but not to the extent of having ‘fun’ parties at the weekends.

5) The Chirpy Butterfly.

smiling business woman at desk with laptop showing thumbs up

She is the heart of the team. Everybody loves her. She’s cute (like pull-her-cheeks-all-day kinda cute colorful, happy-go-lucky, cheerful and all the other nice things. She talks to everyone and is everyone’s favorite. Mostly the youngest from the group. She’s a believer. Always positive about everything that comes her way.

6) The I Don’t Belong Here Guy.

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He works just for the sake of it. Never interested in the activities conducted by the firm. Office picnics? Count him out already. And if at all there’s any change in the company he’ll freak out because they’re so comfortable in their own little shell. This guy will come an hour late and will always be the first one to leave. Their favorite part about working for the company is to receive the paycheck every month. Don’t try to talk to them, they’ll either tell you where to go or throw an overtly sarcastic comment. These are mostly struggling artists, writers, musicians. Basically, he’s a rebel and will in no condition give in to the corporate slave behavior.


Anyhow, there’ll be good memories and bad memories but trust me when you leave the company you’ll cherish each one of those memories. Of course, there’ll be people who you will never see again but there also might be your future best friend somewhere out there.






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