Say Bye To Office! Design Your Career From The Comfort Of Your Home

Innovations in technology have made our life simple, fast and easy. It has also created  greater prospects and avenues for job seekers. Whether it is a retired professional, a mother, a person with a physical handicap or a student trying to earn a little pocket for himself,  everyone now has access to better and convenient work opportunities due to the option of working from home.

Marrisa Mayer, the Chief Executive of Yahoo, once referred to ‘working from home’ as “the elephant in the room”. Her policy reversal on workplace flexibility and her disapproval for employees working from home created uproar and unrest.

Mayer  in her defence had said that people are “more collaborative and innovative when they are together”.  I agree to the fact that working in a team has advantages. The workplace scenario is exciting, full of action and gives you an impetus to prove yourself in the crowd. However, one cannot deny the increasing popularity and demand for such work arrangements where there is a scope of flexibility and relaxation for the employees.

There are many women who left the traditional workforce to raise their kids. Initially with a promise that they would return soon but very few end fulfilling this promise. Similarly commuting has become a headache in metropolitan cities and there are very few who enjoy the daily ordeal of travelling. Then there are some enthusiastic fathers as well who don’t want to miss the crucial years of their kids growing up or want to support their children when they prepare for the various college tests and entrance examinations.

There are students who want to work part time in order to cover the rising college costs or just to earn extra money or even better to get a professional experience.  For students, it’s a ‘learn while you earn’ option because they become more confident, understand time management and take responsibilities once they have started to work. Most  work from home opportunities encourage talent and not just look for years of experience. For the employer, it’s a winning deal as he is not bound by any geographic limits. He or she could hire anyone from anyplace and for just any time period.

Here are some benefits as well as some pitfalls related to working from home.



Work from home creates a better work/life balance and one can have a healthy active life.  As per your schedule and routine, you could very well carve a desired time frame for your work. You can also design the workspace as you like or even work from any part of the house if you have WiFi.

Depending on the needs of the clients, one can work during the day or even over night shifts as per the convenience and need. Similarly, it is your call whether you want to work for multiple organisations or just stick to one you are comfortable with. Nobody would force you to take an assignment if you are not comfortable with it.

You can accommodate family demands, exam preparations and other things easily with a little bit of time management and personal discipline.

Gain Experience and Confidence:

Unemployment is a negative phase that no one should go through. The best way to avoid negativity is to get busy and if not a full-time job then maybe an alternative to it.

Now many of you would argue that to gain confidence and positivity, it is better to work in a traditional setup, but if a person is an introvert and is uncomfortable in crowds, a traditional set up at the start may give him jitters and he may lose the first battle itself. If you want to overcome this situation then start from home. This arrangement is an easy way to gain confidence and showcase your abilities.

Everybody has self-doubt but either you can sit at home and crib about it or you can use the time constructively . Know your strengths, accomplishments and make an impressive portfolio. After this search for a job online!

Easy Money:

Yes, if you know the job well and meet the deadlines, then the money will reach you through online money transfer. That means you will be paid for your good work without any hassles and delay in most cases. Just a few hours of quality work can make an impressive pay check. You are not an employee of a company so obviously there are no deductions. You can get paid per hour or per job.

Easy Instructions:

Most online work is simple to understand. You may have a regular chat with your client on Skype to clarify doubts. So although you believe you are working alone there is an entire team of professionals to help you with the details of your work. You learn to work and earn as well in the process. Again the golden rule is to take your work seriously and with dignity and then you will get good results.

Know People and Organizations:

There is a devoted team which is charged with managing remote employees. Once you start working with them, you  immediately get an access to their intellectual resources and advice. Also, if you want to work full time in the future, you have a contact who you can reach out to.

You may not meet all your clients in person but you may stay connected through LinkedIn, mails or through work!

New Opportunities:

I agree that few years back, especially in India the work from home options were limited, pay was less and the only jobs available were data entry ones. The scenario has changed for  the better now.

From customer service, home tutoring, excel jobs, virtual assistant, training, translation, content writing, blogging and social media to even an impressive  profile like a telecommuting CEO, all these are up for the taking if you are the right person for the job.

If you love games like Dragon City, Candy Crush, Angry birds, Frontline commander etc you are then also eligible to earn. How? Well there are some gaming websites that encourage users to try their new game and promote them in circles. For some regular gaming enthusiasts, advertisers contact them for space to promote their brands. Imagine telling this to your parents. I am sure they wouldn’t understand but yet you are earning money, right?


When we present an argument or tell the disadvantages of an issue, it is not about dissuading the person to take an action, rather it is to make him/her proactive for all the difficulties that he/she may face in future. So here are some of the things which you should keep in mind if you work from home:

Social Acceptance:

You have decided to take a work from home job and you believe that your parents and acquaintance would understand your decision and would respect that. Then please get a reality check. It is not always easy for parents to digest the fact that their kid does not dress up in the morning to go to office. It is not their fault and not your fault either.

The job trends are changing drastically but the society is moving on its own pace so to make them understand this phenomenon is to be at peace. They will realize the importance of your work only if you take it seriously.


This is indeed a grave problem and this loneliness may lead to depression for many. Now although you are working at home, you have to sit alone for few hours to manage your projects. There are some cases where people take work beyond their capacity so either they sit entire day in front of  the computer screen.

They start to avoid social gatherings to avoid questions and feeling of rejection. The lack of healthy social contact is dangerous and unhealthy.

So again you have to balance it all. You work and earn on your own, but you are part of a social setting which demands conversation, chatter and healthy banter. Get involved in activities, join a gymnasium, go for a movie, keep a pet and most important, always remain connected to your family.


It may look simple to shut your room and work if you are living alone but if you have a family or you are a parent it’s really a tough task. The kids will bang on the door, shout and demand attention, the maids will want instructions and so on and so forth.

Everything needs discipline and time management because your projects will have deadlines. There are distractions at office as well as at home. In both cases you are the one who should handle them properly.

Calories and Health:

Work from home requires you to sit at home most parts of the day. So be extra careful of what you eat and how you eat.  Many researchers have proven that if you sit for longer hours it contributes to major ailments. You may also develop back problems.

Thus it is advisable to have an ergonomic chair, an airy work station and regular breaks. One can do a little stretching exercise at your desk itself.