Code Of Conduct For Employees

So now the spoon feeding days are over where you do what you want, come late to college, don’t care about the attendance, run around the campus and think that you are the centre of the universe. Well it’s about time you shake hands with reality before it hits you, hard. When you enter the corporate world all rainbows disappear and butterflies fly away. Now you’re working as a professional and you have a dozen responsibilities on your shoulders. Your manager/head will have certain expectations from you and when you don’t live up to them you’ll be tagged under ‘unprofessional’  So here’s a list of business ethics which you need to follow when you’re working for a corporate:

  • Mutual Respect

Mutual respect is the foundation of any kind of relationship. Most of the companies now a days encourage the freedom of thought and speech for their employees. If your manager respects your views and ideas you have to provide complete co-operation to him too. You need to keep your personal bias out of the business. Every employee should deal with their clients with respect and courtesy.

  • Punctuality counts.

Your college days are over where you can enter whenever you want to. When you work for a company, you cannot afford to come late to work, they pay you for it, you owe them. A manager wants his employees to be motivated and motivation reflects in how punctual you are. If your work timings  start at 9am you got to be there by 8:59. Also, punctuality of employees helps in smooth functioning of the day’s work.

  • Following the dress code.

You need to understand the importance of formal wear once you start working. Remember the time when you woke up late for college grabbed a pair of track pants, put on a sweatshirt and headed out the door? Well yeah, that. That should never happen again. You need to follow the company’s dress code and maintain proper hygiene. A dress code illustrates professionalism.

  • Team-player

Being a loner is not on the menu. No matter how hard you try you cannot handle the load all by yourself , you’re gonna have to cooperate with the other team members and work it out. You need to be friendly with the company’s policies and other activities. You should participate in all the activities taking place in your work surroundings.

  • Have a decent tone of speech.

You cannot shout out to people in the corridor, or be rude to your colleagues. Communication is the most important factor to carry on any relationship smoothly. And remove the F-word from your dictionary if you haven’t already, so not conducive for work environment. Also, make sure you use words like please if you’re asking for a favor from anyone. Say, ‘Can you please hand me the papers from the locker’ instead of ‘Hey, get me those papers from the locker, and be quick.’

  •  Confidentiality of workplace information.

What happens in the workplace should stay in the workplace. When you get selected for a post, it is unsaid that you’re supposed to maintain the privacy of the company. They trust you with all the information you work with and not disclosing it is also your job. In many companies, they don’t even allow you to take your cell phones on the floor or any other device which may carry information so if in your company they allow you to carry phones, be thankful. Don’t take this issue lightly; it may cost you your job.

Corporate lifestyle isn’t as easy or posh as it seems to be. There’s a lot of in house drama, and scandals and other stuff which will blow your mind. But stay out of it, stay clean. And do not step into quick sand, walk on concrete. I’m not suggesting you to kiss up to them but be polite, maintain certain decorum and you’re good to go!


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