How To Minimize The Risk Of Delay In Getting Your First Job

In our experience, we have always found that getting that first job is not very easy. Everyone seems to want some experienced person, even if it is only six months. Fresher jobs are few and far between and the competition for these jobs is considerable. So how do recent graduates navigate this scenario? The answer is may lie getting internships.

According to a recent report made by LinkedIn and published by The Hindu, it seems that quite a few graduates feel that getting their first job is hard. The report elaborates that among the respondents of the survey, around 21% in Karnataka, 32% in Maharashtra and 26% in Kerala think that they will have to wait at least one to two months after graduation to bag their first jobs.


The report also says that bagging the first job has now gotten tougher compared to the previous two decades. Most of the respondents showed an inclination towards the Information Technology industry followed by the Telecom industry.

Students and professionals both mentioned the importance of getting an internship opportunity while studying. It increased their chances of getting a job because of the exposure gained and the industry contacts that they had made. This is a valuable insight for all undergraduate students. Searching for an internship during your college days is now very important and should be looked at seriously.

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Story and Image Source | The Hindu

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