How Internships Can Help You Climb The Success Ladder

Internships are basically small steps on a long ladder that lead to the roof of success and the reason we do not jump on to the roof directly and prefer to climb the small steps is because each of these steps teaches us a new lesson in life. Internships not only help you gain experience on a professional level but also mould you into a better person. There are numerous things that we learn while working as interns in offices. Most of these learnings are about moral or ethical values that no Value Education book in school will teach you.

One very important thing that you will learn as an intern is respecting your colleagues, your immediate supervisors and their bosses. Remember respect earns respect. If you treat the people around you admirably then they will definitely reciprocate the behaviour.

When you were in college or school, you had plenty of time in hand to do work in a relaxed manner. Be it assignments or class tests, you had enough time to devote to these pursuits. However, the moment you enter the cavern of professionalism you will realize the essence of time and the keyword “Deadline”. This heavy word has the capability to give you sleepless nights. You will learn to utilise every minute of the day.

You will realize during the entire period of your internship that no matter how small or petty the work might seem it ultimately affects your prospects in the long run. If you were asked to fetch a cup of coffee for your supervisor you will comprehend that it matters as much as the task you were assigned of analyzing programs. Thus you will start to take every tiny daily task of yours seriously.

Internships will also tell you how necessary it is to stop taking yourself too seriously. The essence of working is in enjoying it and enjoyment never accompanies seriousness. Take the deadlines seriously but keep your working manner relaxed and easy-going. Have fun not at the expense of work but because life is merry and delightful.

One hard truth that you will have to come across during this phase is that life is not fair. You will see prejudice amongst your colleagues. Your hard work might not be given its due recognition. Your team mate might be plotting a scheme to oust you from the project. This will only prepare you for the unsympathetic corporate existence that lies ahead of you. It will strengthen you for all difficulties and cruelty and make you a stronger and better person.

When you have completed the first internship of your career you will clearly get a glimpse of what it is like in the real world. Moreover you will understand how being an intern gave you an edge over those who have not had experience because now that you know the battlefield, you will be better positioned to deal with these issues and do some valuable work within these constraints.