Internship Success Stories #1: Dhaval Joshi

As a company that facilitates internships and fresher jobs, it brings us great joy to know that these opportunities have given students a fuller understanding of their future career goals in addition to the much needed experience.

Today, we will be talking to Dhaval Joshi, one of our early users who found himself a great Internship at Logitia Solutions which is based in Navi Mumbai.

1. What did you study in college?

I completed Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology with First Class from Mumbai University

2. How were your college years? Any experience that you would like to share?

I enjoyed my college days as I used to keep a good balance between study and life. I participated in various cultural and technical events. I also used to spend some time in the college gymkhana playing indoor games. I truly miss the official and unofficial lunch breaks with my friends.

3. So how did you hear about Switch Idea?

There is a long memorable story about it. In short, initially I came to know about Blogathon and then about Switch Idea through Niranjan.

4. Tell us about how you found your internship?

I used to browse for internships on various websites including Switch Idea. Switch Idea is great upcoming platform, especially for students looking for internships.

5. How was your internship experience?

My internship experience was very good. I learnt a lot of things from it. I was very happy to receive the first-ever check payable to me 🙂

6. So what are you planning to do after college?

I am planning to do MS/M. Tech.

7. In what way did your internship experience help you?

This internship gave me some hands on experience with technologies related to my field of interest. It also provided me with a gist of work culture. I believe that this internship was a stepping stone towards my future career goals.

8. Any advice that you would like to give students who are applying for internships?

I believe that internship is a great way to learn new things with respect to your career goals in short period of time. It will help students to gain some insights into their field of interest. Internships would make students aware about the real world work scenario. I would recommend each and every student to grab the internship opportunity and get ready for adventure!

We are extremely glad that Dhaval found what he was looking for by using Switch Idea! If you are looking for great internships and fresher job opportunities, then you should check out our website. We hope to interview you on this space soon! 😀

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