Internship Success Stories #3: Jash Parekh

Hello people!

Today, we have yet another Internship Success story to share with you all. One of our users, Jash Parekh has scored an awesome internship with Orion Labs in Mumbai. We spoke to him about his experience.

1. So Jash, what do you do?

I am a web developer waiting for my Bachelor’s result. I used to do some freelance work but needed proper industry training and experience before I started working at any big firm or started with my own startup.

2. How’s your college life? What are the fun things that you do?

College life was good, had a lot of fun and rarely sat for lectures (LOL).

3. What were you looking for when you came across Switch Idea?

I wanted an internship before my results so that I have some experience before joining any multinational and Switch Idea provided the best medium to get that.

4. So you got yourself an Internship at Orion Labs? How does it feel? Share with us your experience.

It’s been a week and my experience has been awesome. The work that they do is awesome. I have already learnt a lot and I am expecting I can learn a lot more in the coming weeks.

5. What’s Orion Labs all about?

It’s a web development firm which also does social media marketing and SEO.

6. What are your thoughts on Internships?

They are a stepping stone for a student to graduate to an industry level professional.

7. This must be exciting for you! What are you looking forward to in this internship?

I have worked on php for a while now and was looking to learn the MVC architecture and some PHP Framework. Here they use Codeigniter and looking forward to learn and implement it.

8. What are your plans for the future?

To learn and gain as much experience as possible and grow my own startup.

9. We would love to have your feedback on Switch Idea as a platform.

A great platform, there are many job portals but an internship platform is a great idea and a great platform.

10. Any advice for fellow students who want to take up internships?

Everyone should go for it 🙂

We are really, really happy that Jash has found the perfect internship for himself by using Switch Idea. We hope that you will too! 🙂

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TitORIONle: PHP Developer

Company Name: Orion Labs

Compensation: 10K-15K (per month)

Location: Mumbai, India

Last date to apply: 17th July, 2014

ORIONTitle: Graphic Designer

Company Name: Orion Labs

Compensation: Not Disclosed

Location: Mumbai, India

Last date to apply: 19th July, 2014