Our Story

The Project “Switch Idea” was evolved as a result of several mock ups made to the vCard design.

As every startup has its own story, we too have one. One fine afternoon, when it was a break-time in college, a student from BLS first year was having a chat with his friends over tea and snacks at their regular hangout spot called “Tum-Tum Canteen” (A small but happy place outside the college).

It all started with a small question – We have Facebook and Twitter (the biggest social networks). But how easy is it to find someone with a specific skills or profession on these websites? Pretty burdensome, Right! This is because these Social Networks have their “Search Engines” work for few parameters (First Name, Last Name and Location). They do not filter the database using skills, profession or education. This is where – Switch Idea – was born.

We have been working on this module of extracting real juice from best companies and turning them into channels of employment for students.

As a matter of fact there are several job-portals and online recruitment websites available over the internet, but what makes us stand apart is our vCard concept (A virtual card that contains complete ‘janma-patrika’ of a student) and efforts to give you the in-and-out of what you’re expecting from us.

The Designing Switch Idea vCard is clean and simple. Our first product release was on 11th May 2012. Over the time, we innovated the designing, the UI and many more elements in the application. We’re still in Beta-Stage and we will be releasing future updates to our product over the time (Our motivation drives us to work on this project every single day).

We are a small army of super creative coders, designers, writers and future lawyers all with an insatiable desire to create something better for the world. With a multi-talented team we combine our creative forces to develop a platform connecting employers to students with ease.

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