Why You Should Do An Internship In This Summer

So summer is just around the corner and you’re wondering how will you spend the three months of your vacation in a productive manner. I’m sure you already have a long to-do list of things you want to do in your vacations, things you’re planning to do since ages. Your enthusiasm knows no bounds, I can relate. But trust me, most of the things on your to do list are way out of your league and are going to remain untouched for a while.

We’re here to help you out, and what can be a practical and a do-able idea for your summer vacations: A summer internship! So here’s the deal, instead of sitting at home for weeks watching Game of Thrones and sleeping like a log how about you get yourself a mini luxury package of experience! Here’s a list of things which will make you thank yourself for joining a summer internship:

  1. Boost your practical knowledge.

So you’re done grasping the theoretical knowledge about your subject, and now it’s time to apply it through various channels. No matter what field you’re into, be it mass media or business communications; you have to exert the information stored in your system somewhere or the other or else it’s of no use. This is when you start doing that.

  1. Fortify your resume.

One of the biggest issues students face after graduation is the ultimate question of what else do I fill in a C.V apart from my qualifications. Experience is an ornament for your resume. It’s like Nutella on bread! So remember, experience will only beautify your resume and trust me it is a big deal.

  1. Acquire confidence and understand responsibility.

Working as an intern for a firm will give you a sneak peek of what the market is all about. You’ll know what responsibility feels like. Also, your confidence levels will soar. Quite a win-win eh? You’ll feel accomplished after you finally complete the project somebody’s been counting on you for and it’s a good feeling.

  1. Inflate your network.

Doing a summer internship might expand your circles which will benefit your career options in the future. Summer internships are all about discovering yourself. While working in different sectors you may actually find out what your dream job is. You may get inspired by the different leaders you come across and you’ll learn your ways to adapt to different kinds of leaders OR you might as well become one.

  1. Pull off your first job way before your friends do.

Big companies are looking for people who already know what they’re doing; they don’t really have the time to train their employees so there you go! After a couple of internships you’re well equipped to enter any big company with apt confidence.

  1. Utilize your time.

A summer internship is the finest way to utilize your free time. And this is definitely better than sitting at home for weeks. Invest in yourself for it always counts. Life is short, so don’t wait for the next summer vacation to achieve your dream job.

  1. Add new memories so that you can look back at them and smile.

At the end of the day it’s all about adding new pages and making memories. You may establish some strong bonds and lifelong friendships. So you might not want to miss those lunch breaks, office picnics and all the other fun things!

So what are you waiting for mate? Go explore yourself. Happy interning.

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