English And Its Importance In Today’s Competitive World

English might not be the first language that you use every time you have to communicate but by the time you graduate you will soon realize how essential it is to master this language and use it as fluently as your native tongue. However by the time you realize this it could be too late to make amends. Therefore it is necessary for a youngster to gain expertise in English right at the school or college level.

Before we learn how exactly to use this language fluently we need to know why English is as important as it is made to appear. When Madhu, originally from Punjab, went to Kolkata to pursue her B.Tech Degree she was at a loss. The only language she knew was her native one and no one in Kolkata understood that. She could not communicate with her classmates, neither could she get her study related doubts solved from the faculty. She felt frustrated. Now if she could converse in English she would not have so much to worry about. Thus the reason we need English is that it is the sole language that binds all the companies, institutions and every other place together on a conversational level. Also if one needs to go to Germany or Italy for some internship then he can get by even if he doesn’t know German or Italian and knows good English.

To develop one’s vocabulary, one needs to read more and more. The sooner you inculcate this habit in you, the better it is. Reading will open your mind, bring forth a new world and help you learn new words and how to construct sentences in different ways. If you are a fiction freak then you could dig into novels. If you prefer light reading then read newspaper, magazines, blogs, etc. And if you are a serious reader then take up science journals. No matter what the content is, read to save your skin.

Besides reading, it is also critical that you learn to speak the language fluently. Even if you have a storehouse of technical knowledge but cannot convey the part to the fellow in front of you, then all that knowledge is definitely wasted. Practice is always the key to success. Practice speaking in English. Allot a certain time in a day to speak to everyone around you in English. This will help you shake off your inhibitions and slowly mould you into an expert.

Pen down your thoughts in English. This will help in improving the basic syntax errors you make while using the English language. The best way to do this is to take up a writing internship. There are plenty of them available in the job market and no matter what educational background you have, this is one internship that will help you nevertheless. It will help you to start thinking clearly in terms of a new language and also get you a big bag of experience.

Honestly you do not need to spend thousands on “Spoken English Classes” to become an expert in English. Just the right amount of self- examination, consideration, patience and the determination to achieve the best, can do the trick. After all English is a simple and easy going language.