The Perfect Answer To The ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Question

Hope you all are having a great Monday!

Today, we will be focusing on finding the perfect way to answer that oh-so-dreadful-but-inevitable interview question – Tell Me About Yourself!

Such a simple question, isn’t it? The reason this question might cause you to stumble in an otherwise good interview is because of its inherent vagueness. You might not be able to answer it perfectly because you might not realize the context in which the interviewer asks this question.

Most students and freshers start talking about their lives and interests in a mundane manner and not really connecting the information they share to the job at hand. Let us be clear here – an interviewer’s job is to get the right kind of candidate for the job that he has at hand and you talking about stuff that is unrelated to it might not be what the interviewer is looking for.

What you must do when you get asked this question is to explain clearly what interests you, what steps you have taken to learn about it in a practical way and also what you have done in the past in relation to the job/topic at hand.

Please understand that whenever you converse in an interview, always tie your answers back to the job you are interviewing for and show how you are the perfect fit for it.

Here is a video with some great advice on how to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ question.

We hope that you will use this technique in the your future interviews! All the very best.

P.S: We would also love it if you can tell us about your previous interview experiences and what you have learned from them.

Image Source | Sigma Recruitment