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vCard To Find Job Opportunities And Get Recruited.

Finding a job online isn’t totally a new concept but it is evolving and getting redefined with times. Today, when job portals are at boom, I want to introduce you to a vCard service called Switch Idea. It not only provides you to create unique and professional identity on web but also helps you get recruited automagically.


In today’s world it is an undeniable fact that the good jobs are on the internet.

Switch Idea, a young Indian startup, aims to create that identity for you using your existing social networks. In Switch Idea’s 20 year old founder Niranjan Yadav’s own words, they want to extract real juice from social networking websites and turn them into channels of employment for job seekers.


SwitchIdea: Social recruitment meets virtual cards.

SwitchIdea isn’t building a 1-sided social recruitment platform (most of the others tend to mine candidate data/use mechanism like social referral to get candidates etc) and the key in this entire concept is to seed candidates also. Each vCard has a permalink that can be shared with employer/friends etc (downloaded as pdf).


Switch Idea: Turning the conventional recruitment process on its head socially.

This is a significant change in the way recruitment is done online. Instead of job seekers looking for the right postings in cluttered job portals, the postings come to the relevant candidates. Its almost like a employment exchange, only on the internet, powered by social media. I quite like what this little team of 5 best friends from Navi Mumbai are doing.

Switch Idea – Find Jobs using your social media accounts

I recently came across a interesting website called Switch Idea. The website mainly acts as a platform for professionals and freelancers to get jobs. Job seekers are notified via their social networks.



WATBlogSwitchIdea: A New Way Forward For Social Recruitment

SwitchIdea is the ingenious concept of a VCard or a Virtual Card. Based on all the information that you feed to your SwitchIdea account, the service generates a slick VCard which gives everyone a quick look at your professional information and skills in addition to contact details and information.



Switch Idea – Get hired by being social

With Switch Idea, you just need to sign up a account with them. After that you can easily manage your resume, skills, networks and links. The service gathers all this information and generates a good looking vCard (Virtual Card) for you.

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