The Top 10 College Festivals In India!

Ah, College Festivals! A time for exuberance, competition, culture and art for students. Festivals are a big deal for students in India because they provide the right avenue for students to indulge in and enjoy their creative and collaborative side. If you have just stepped in to college life, then you are absolutely going to love college festivals. So, in this post, we are going to list the top 10 college festivals in the country. You should definitely check them them out!.

Note: Festivals listed below are in no particular order. Every festival is unique and has to be experienced at least once.


Alcheringa is the annual festival of IIT Guwahati and is shortened to Alcher for brevity. This year’s event has the theme of ‘Magnum Opus’. The fest has some great events lined up in dance, fine arts, sports, quiz and digital tech. Special events include a blood donation camp  called Drops of Hope and a social initiative called Udaan. These guys also hold city wise auditions for other college students to participate.

Date: 29th Jan – 1st Feb, 2015

Website : Alcheringa


IIT Delhi’s annual cultural fest, Rendezvous is one of the most sought after events in northern India. This fest runs for four days and is the best place for young students to display their many talents. They have four different professional nights named Blitzkrieg, Spectrum, Kaleidoscope and Dhoom, each showcasing a different aspect of the performance arts. Other event categories include Kickstart, Competitive Events, Technical Workshops and even a startup expo. You can catch this festival next year, as this year’s edition just got done last month.

Incidentally, these are the same guys that made this killer promotional video based on Grand Theft Auto. Check it out below.

Date: October, 2015

Website: Rendezvous


Waves is the annual fest organized by students of BITS Pilani – Goa Campus. Waves can be called the biggest fest in Western India with an expected footfall of around 40000+ students along with 4000 participants. The four core events for this festival are Natyanjali (Dance), Mr. and Ms. Waves (personality contest), FashP (Fashion show) and Sea Rock (rock competition). Other events include Quizzes, Contention, Silence of the Amps, JAM etc. Since this festival happens in Goa, this the perfect excuse for students to visit that awesome place every year! 🙂

Date: Oct-Nov, 2015

Facebook Page: Waves



Vellore Institute of Technology’s annual fest is called Riviera and is one of the most looked forward to fest in Southern India. This is also a four day day fest and supposedly has more than 100 events. They stand out for these events: their famous debating event and the Marathon. They have roughly 30000 students attending from 650 colleges all over India and abroad. They also attract some star performers like Sivamani, Parikrama, Motherjane, Shankar Ehsaan Loy and Kailash Kher.

Date: Jan or Feb, 2015

Website: Reviera


Oasis is BITS Pilani’s 4 day extravaganza and is organized in the month of October. This festival is literally 24/7 and runs all day and night for those 4 days. You can imagine what an atmosphere it must be! Their events cover music, drama, oratory, tech, art, dance, quizzing and so much more. This year’s theme was That 90’s show and it was a great success! Be sure to be there next year.

Date: Oct- Jan, 2015

Website: Oasis

Mood Indigo

Mood Indigo is the most famous fest in the western corridor of India. Held in IIT Bombay campus, it has a reputation of outdoing itself every year. The event held in the sprawling IIT campus has the most of amount of city students attending it. They also manage to get top international acts to perform at their pro nights. However, this year they messed up. They gave the impression that they would be getting Christopher Nolan to India and that was not the case. The full story can be read here. However, it is one of the most fun college events and marks the end of the year. Perfect timing, I’d say.

Date: Dec 26-29th, 2014

Website: Mood Indigo


IIT Madras’s Saarang is one of the most popular fests in Southern India. It ranks shoulder to shoulder with the other biggies. It is usually a five day long festival filled with fun, adventure, competition and performance arts. The fest includes events such as Lectures by eminent people, competitions, world cultural shows, rock shows, classical nights and popular nights. It brings in approximately 50000 people every year from across the country.

Date: Jan 7-11th, 2015

Website: Saarang

Spring Fest

IIT Kharagpur’s Spring Fest began in the year 1960 and is thus the oldest cultural college fest in the country. As name the suggests, it heralds in the Spring season and goes on for 3 days and 4 nights. IIT KGP’s campus is expansive and this fest thus becomes a superb place for students to have fun, roam around, discover new activities and watch their favorite performers.  Spring Fest has a lot of activities covering academic debates, lectures, competitions, pro nights, informals and fine arts.

Date: Jan 23-26th, 2015

Website: Springfest


Incident is NIT Surathkal’s annual cultural fest and is has been going on since the 80s. It is the biggest cultural fest in Karnataka. The activity list includes adventure sports, water sports, workshops, informals, DJ night, Beach events and their pro night called Encore. If you want to have fun near the beach, then Incident is the right event for you to go to!

Date: March, 2015

Facebook Page: Incident


Malhar is the largest inter-collegiate festival in the city of Mumbai. It began in the year 1979 and over time has become one of the best college festivals in Mumbai city. It is a complete cultural fest with focus on performance arts, literary arts and fine arts. It also holds a number of workshops on different themes. Popular events are Mr. & Ms. Malhar, Conclave, Band Event, Social Causes and Pro Nights.

Date: August, 2015

Website: Malhar


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    IIT Delhi’s annual cultural fest,
    Rendezvous is one of the most sought after events in northern India.
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  • It involves a crowd of about 50,000 from more than 350 colleges in India. Rendezvous is now running it’s h edition and is one of the largest festival of its kind in Northern India. Rendezvous has witnessed a lot of movie promotions involving celebrities themselves taking to the stage.

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