Boost Your Productivity By Following These Simple Tech Tips

These days we are pretty much glued to our devices (computers/mobiles) in order to get work done and also to get our daily dose of entertainment. Since we are spending so much time on these devices, it makes sense to optimize our routines in order to save time and get things done quickly.

You must be thinking that using the Internet itself saves you a lot of time as opposed to the option of manually finding information by yourself from other sources. However, the reality is that we may be wasting more time on the internet due to our inefficient routines. What if you could follow some simple and easy tips to do things quicker? Many of you must have stumbled across how you can save time on your devices by using keyboard shortcuts. The keyboard, contrary to popular usage and opinion, is a far more powerful input system than your mouse. This is only true if you know the shortcuts and make a habit of using them over time.

David Pogue, an American tech writer has 10 simple tips for users who are not yet familiar them. In this TED video, he demonstrates how you can be more productive in addition to saving time by using simple tips and tricks.

We know that many of you already have some time saving tech tips of your own. We would love to hear about them in the comments. So go ahead and share them with the Switch Idea community.