Tum Tum Canteen

The last snap of Tum Tum canteen

I still recollect my college-canteen (Tum-Tum) because it was a part of my life that I can’t explain to anyone. It was a hub for those endless talks and hundreds of debates over the breakfast. It was not always easy but worth finding out on my own. I find myself being the dreamer that I am and realizing how much I loved those times but as I walked by myself around that old street again – I realize that I have moved on. Some of my friends are still there to this day but I am a different person. All my friendships have gone from having a bunch to a few but those days are always memorable. I will always remember those times and the feelings I felt. I am so thankful to everyone who made my college days worth living. Thanks for the memories, the endless talks and the great times we had at our Tum-Tum canteen.

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