Why Unpaid Internships Are Bad For Students!

Most big fashion houses, large IT companies and other famous brands are offering unpaid internships in the present season. The ‘benefits’ that they have to offer to their interns are a bag full of experience, esteemed names in their resumes and some tiresome hours without any rewards by the end of it all. These unpaid internships do harm on more than one level.

It exploits young college students by making them do tedious work without giving the right payment for those workloads. Since these companies are getting interns without having to waste a single penny, the prospective full-time employees lose their chances of getting a secure job! There are well off youngsters who can afford to work with no payment but this ruins the chances of a deserving yet economically weaker youngster.

There is a difference between training and internship. This needs to be clear to all the companies. Just because the interns learn a lot while working in a company does not mean it is equivalent to training. If they are getting work done they deserve to be paid.

Think hard about what kind of incentives are you providing to a young adult of 19 or 20 who is working hard in your company? If you do not pay them how exactly do you want them to feel energized in working for the benefit of your organization? How would you feel if your clients did not pay you for the service you did for them? A similar kind of feeling is experienced by the interns when they do not receive the paycheck by the end of the month.

It is true that internships help students gain experience, learn practical hands-on skills in the real professional world. However the payment is equally necessary. We believe all companies who are looking to hire interns should pay them in a fair manner. Remember that “just work requires just wages in return!

In order to get a better understanding of the problem of unpaid internships, check out this video: