What Motivates Us To Work?

What motivates us to work? You must have asked that question to yourself many times before. Money, they say, is a great motivator and makes the whole world go around. But is that the only reason why we get up in the morning, dress up and rush to our offices? I don’t think so. Work is the result of a deeper strain of motivation which needs to be realized by one and all.

Just showing up to work is not really enough. One needs to feel connected to one’s workplace and also have the deep drive necessary to pursue uncertain and untested waters in order to find gold. The motivation behind this is not monetary. It is the fulfillment of purpose. Purpose should drive companies and organizations instead of the blind race towards profitability.

If you think that all this talk is rather contrary to what you have learned or known of companies and how they operate, then you have not really seen some great examples of how purposeful work can be done by organizations without having to stick to old rules and paradigms.

This video will explain the secret behind what motivates us to do fulfilling work. You should definitely give this one a look, as it is important for your career.

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