What You Can Do On Your First Day On The Job

So you have bagged your first job! Congratulations! We knew you would do it!

After the celebrations come to a close, it will be time to get ready for the next phase of your life!

Your first day of work is going to full of new experiences. It will definitely engulf you as a star struck fresher who wanders into an office full of experienced professionals. We thought that we would have some helpful tips ready for you as you navigate these waters for the first time!

1. Do your homework

While it is true that you don’t have to immediately get onto the job before your first day, it helps to get abreast of everything that is happening in your company and knowing your job role.

Understand what your job role is by researching about best practises and reading other people’s experiences on the Internet. Read about their experiences and note down the points that interest you. Research about the best practises in the industry and follow your industry keenly. You need to know everything there is about your company and your job function intimately before you even start. This will help you get settled in better.

2. Punctuality

It goes without saying that one should be punctual, especially on your first day at the office. Make this a habit. It will help you through your career. On your first day, reach your office before time and breathe in the atmosphere. Study all the employees in the company while you sit at the lounge waiting for your initiation. Get a grasp of the kind of people that work there and if possible chat up with one of them.

3. Pay attention to the introductions

It is normal to be overwhelmed on the first day when so many introductions are being made. You will tend to forget the names but pay extra attention this time. Make a note of all the names on your phone or a piece of paper.

4. Introduce yourself to everyone

Make sure that you introduce yourself properly to everyone that you meet. It is important to make a good impression during the introduction.  Be humble and smile often!

5. Understand how the office works

If you have the time on the first day, go ahead and see how the office functions. Speak to your colleagues about their experience and seek their advice. If you engage them in an open manner, they will tend to help you out with your queries.

6. Listen

The most important thing to do on your first day is to just listen to everyone as they speak to you. If you are a good listener, you can earn your colleagues’ confidence and thus break the ice. Do not be caught up in your own trip.

7. Get to work

It is rare that you will be asked to work on your first day. Even if you do not have anything to do, just go to your colleagues and ask them about what they are doing at work. Be curious but don’t disturb them when they are working.

If you get work doled out to you on your first day, go ahead and focus on the job and get it done in the best way that you know. Remember, first impressions are the most important ones.

8. Personalize your workspace

Your workspace will be your temple for the rest of the time you work at the company. Make sure that you work towards getting comfortable at your workspace. Look at how you can tweak your table/desk to best suit yourself. Take a note of all the work and office related accessories that you will need. eg. Notebooks, pens, pencils, coffee mug and so on.

9. Have lunch with your new colleagues

Since this is your first day, lunch time will be weird for you. You will find it easier to have lunch by yourself. But don’t do that. Go ahead and ask to join your colleagues for lunch. In fact, many of your colleagues will invite you for lunch. Do join it and have a great conversation.

10. Finally, sort out your coffee supply! 🙂

Coffee is work fuel and you will see the benefits of it even more when you work. Make sure that you get your coffee easily by making the arrangements required. However, do not have too much coffee. Three cups of good coffee divided between the work day are good enough.