Why Campus Placement Is Kind Of A Big Deal!

Imagine that you have come down to your home town for a holiday. You meet so many people – friends and distant relatives who all want to know what you have been upto. And then these questions pop up – “So where are you planning to work?” Or better “What are your future plans?”- these questions however repetitive and irritating still resonate in your mind and make you a nervous wreck. Do we really know our future?

Do all these professional degrees guarantee you a smooth career graph? The fact is that the parameters of this world are changing fast. Nothing is permanent and in this ever changing scenario nobody can guarantee you anything. So what should be our career strategy? We should be aware and alert of all the opportunities which come our way and make the most of it.

Campus placement is one of those opportunities which is catching up fast and has loads of advantages. The purpose of campus placement is to tap the talent pool at the entry level itself. In some colleges there are number of activities lined up along with placement cells for eg. pre placement seminars, workshops, career fair, counselling followed by the real fight of written tests, group discussions, interview rounds and finally the job offer.

For students it’s their first taste of the professional world when they go through the recruitment process. Your aim is get the best job and the companies’ aim to get the best candidates. It is thus important to find this sweet spot! The placement process facilitates mentoring between students, teachers, corporate people and some of their seniors. Each of them can provide a fresh perspective to your career plans.

The process however attractive it looks has its own complexities. The prime concern is the huge number of students involved and how to identify the talent among those. It is definitely a challenging and cumbersome task. We are called a ‘in a hurry’ generation who are always on the run (if you don’t agree look at the rush at any Quick Service Restaurants where they always need a super fast order!). But even with our hurried attitude we can find our ways and fulfill our dreams if we follow a systematic and well thought approach.

To find a job is the first step to your professional life and if you find a great platform which helps you get better opportunities, why not make use of it? It’s really important that you go to these placement camps with the same energy and positivity that you displayed on your first day at college.

Happy Job Hunting!