Why Internships Matter For Students

Getting jobs in this present recession era is kind of a big deal. With thousands of graduates passing out of college every year there is huge competition for the available jobs. A simple degree or bookish knowledge is no more the only criteria for a handsome job. Nowadays, you need to have an edge over the other grads.

Remember how they taught you in school about a particular theory. Now is the best time to apply it. So why is it that more and more companies are trying to hire youngsters with internships? This is because internships are the best place to show how you can apply your educational training in real-life situations. This is what sets those interns apart from the regular graduates without an internship.

Being an intern you can learn a lot from the practical experience that an internship has to offer. All this knowledge is not available in any of the textbooks that one has read in their academic life. When you apply for a full-time job and the employers see that you already have a practice badge pinned on you then they will obviously select you. To the employers the regular graduates without an internship are freshers. However to them a graduate with an internship is like an experienced employee.

So after joining college and gaining a certain amount of knowledge, make sure you keep applying for internships. The more quality internships you get, the better it is for your resume. Also it is important to remember that just having the name of a big shot company in your resume will not do the trick. If you have an internship done from a reputed organization and yet have learned nothing from it then count that to be useless. However, if you have been an intern in a small scale startup but have learned tons of practical stuff then you are on the right track.

The main purpose behind an internship is to let college goers have an experience of the real professional world and give them a chance to build up their career in a smoother and skilled manner. So go get an internship and learn as much as you can.