Your Workbag Essentials

Let’s have a lil girl talk, shall we? We all know how hectic it can get to work 9to5 and when you don’t have the things which you need it can get a little frustrating. You’re out of your house for eight long hours dealing with so many things at a time; your handbag is the only thing which can make you feel at home. So here’s a list of thing which you need to have in your work-bag.

  • Earphones


Music can be a great companion. So when you don’t have your friend around for lunch you can just plug those in and get lost in some music while you’re at it. I cannot leave my house without my earphones, trust me they help a lot.

  • Breath Mints


These are very helpful, whether you’re at work or no. You don’t want your boss to call you for an urgent meeting right after lunch and smell your bad breath. So throw these mini gums in your bag and you’re good to go.

  • Sunglasses


You won’t need these when you’re inside your work place but you still wanna protect your eyes from the sun when you’re getting at the workplace. Keep them handy.

  • Wallet


Of course you need cash when you get out of the house, that is pretty much given. Apart from your wallet keep a small pouch in your bag and throw some change in it. It’ll help you to avoid the fights with the bus conductor.

  • Water bottle


Everyone knows that! No matter where you are you need to keep yourself hydrated.  People at work often forget drinking water between all the workload, as soon as you reach the workplace place your bottle on the desk so that you’re reminded to drink water.

  • Notepad

Pad of Paper & Pen on a wood background.

I’m sure we have a lot of sources these days via technology to remember important things but sometimes it feels good to take the old school way. Keep some colored pens too so that you can note down stuff while you’re at work, like when you remember to buy something or when your colleague says something nice.

  • Perfume


Lifesaver. Keep a tiny bottle of perfume or roll-ons in your bag, you’ll need to smell good, trust me it feels amazing to smell good, not for others but for yourself.

  • Make-up


Now this is completely optional, if you’re someone who doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, you go girl! But some people find it nice to keep a lil makeup in their bad incase it fades away or gets smothered. So throw in a concealer just in case you have a sudden meet up with someone right after work. And if you cared enough to keep the make-up you might want to carry a pocket mirror too.

  • Hair ties

hair pins

Don’t you hate it when you forget those and have your hair in your face all day long? We all know our hair has a mind of its own. It can get really irritating sometimes so keep some u-pins and hair ties with you to avoid such situations.

  •  Hand sanitizers.

hand sanitizer

These babies will keep you away from germs. You don’t even know how many germs you catch hold of in the entire day and you don’t even think twice before grabbing that doughnut your friend got for you. You’d rather clean your hands before hogging.

  • Lip balms

lip balm

Another lifesaver! Like I said if your body needs to be hydrated so do your lips. Drinking water will help you with that but also keep some chapsticks handy.

  •  Phone charger

phone charger

You never know when your phone runs out of battery, so just to keep that baby charged carry a portable phone charger with you.

There you go! Carry these things in your handbag and you’ll never have a bad day at the office. Even if you do, these things might make it a lil bett

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