6 Healthy Work Snacks

You know that time when your lunchtime is an hour away and there are grumpy lil hungry monsters ┬ájumping and growling in your stomach? I feel you. So instead of hogging on chips or other junk food all day how about you eat something healthy and fun instead. Here’s a list of things you can fill your stomach with at your workplace.

1) Granola bars

This is a fun source of eating healthy without actually realising that it’s healthy. Chocolate and multi-grains. Seriously? Throw some granola bars in your bag and sneak one out when you’re really hungry.

lola granola bars (1)

2) Fruit salads

What could be healthier and tastier than fruits? Cut some fresh fruits and toss them in a tiffin, also top it up with a scoop it up with some fresh cream. Gaah. Fruitgasm!



Well Joey loves them and you should too. Whats not to love? Make some mini one-bite sandwiches and pack them in a lunch box.


4) Dry fruits

They won’t get your hands dirty, and they’re great as munchies. Also, great for your body. Go grab those!


5) Baked chips

Cure your cravings for chips by eating baked chips instead of fried ones. They taste as good as the original ones only healthier.


6) Smoothie

Even when you’re running really late in the morning, smoothies are the easiest thing you can do, just throw in some fruits in your blender and you’re good to go.


There you go! You won’t have those random cravings for snacks while you’re working anymore.

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