Passionate about Liberty? Apply To Become A Local Co-ordinator At Students For Liberty (South Asia)

The following post is by our friends at Students For Liberty ( South Asia ), a non-profit initiative to further libertarian thought among students. They are currently looking to recruit like minded people to be local co-ordinators in various Indian cities.

More details are given below:

Local Coordinator Program

Who we are looking for?

If you have a passion for liberty and have the energy and commitment to spread these ideas to a broader audience, you’ve come to the right place. Through the Local Coordinator program, Students For Liberty- South Asia is looking for pro-liberty students who have an unrelenting drive and want to dedicate part of their time to making this world a freer place. We are also looking for students who are already organizing or interested in organizing for liberty but would like to elevate their activities to a higher level and professionalize their work and their organizations. In general, you need the willingness to work hard on the subject of social change, show an entrepreneurial spirit to go out and take initiative, and you’re all set.

What is the Local Coordinator Program?

Students For Liberty South Asia’s inaugural student executive board is conducting its first Local Coordinator program. We take the best and the brightest pro-liberty students from across South Asia and give them training, resources, a network, and other tools with which they can effectively organize and make an impact in their universities, cities and regions.

The voluntary engagement is for duration of 1 year with a 2-month virtual training program.

Among other undertakings, they organize events, help start and grow student groups, and seek out other potential leaders for liberty with the resources we provide. We do not, however, instruct Local Coordinators what to do to spread the ideas of liberty, but rather provide training and a framework and rely on Local Coordinators for local knowledge about what works best in a certain region.

 What Kind of Training Will You Get?

If accepted, you will go through a rigorous training process on a range of topics, including leadership, communication, social change, new and old media, student organizing, activism, organizing events, and others. The duration of virtual training is 8 Weeks (Themes Covered- Philosophy+ Economics + Politics+ Law and Leadership+ Management).

The Application Process

We will be accepting applications for the Local Coordinator Program until July 31st from students and recent graduates. If your application is strong, you will be invited for an interview via Skype shortly after the deadline. As all communication within SFL South Asia is conducted in English, written and spoken, proficiency in English is a requirement.

After the Local Coordinators are chosen, they will first receive training online and then proceed with your responsibilities as a full-fledged SFL leader in your region.


SFL South Asia Local Coordinators will undergo a rigorous selection process. The first step is the application. After you have submitted your application, SFL Leadership will review your application. If your application is strong, you will be contacted for an interview. Applicants may be subject to more than one interview, at SFL’s discretion.

Website – Students for Liberty

Social Media Links-

We use meetup, a social media platform to host and announce our group activities and events. You can easily log in using your facebook account.

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