Here are some startups (and companies) that make our life easy

Switch Idea, started out as a college project to help students get internships. Since then, we’ve been hustling around many tools and utilities (and services) that have made our lives more simpler. It’s been quite a time since I wanted to share this with all the young startups. I’ve been personally using these online tools to help my team get more productive.

HallHall: This is so far the most efficient communication application for startups. Other than its group chat option, it also include file sharing, and instant messaging features. The reason I personally love Hall is because it syncs so seamlessly and persistently across Mac, Web, Android, and iPhone that you need to be carefree about having a backup. (Plus their desktop client is one beautiful extension).

InfoactiveInfoActive: InfoActive is one great online platform that gives you tools to create interactive, mobile-friendly infographics with live data. Just dump in your data (.csv, .xls, etc) and turn them into awesome infographics. That easy! We published two of our previous posts (Employers From Delhi Hire More Interns Than Those In Mumbai and Sectors That Offer The Highest Paid Internships) using InfoActive. Additionally, I know Trina Chiasson, the co-founder. #StartcupInterview

VakilSearch VakilSearch: These guys are way too awesome. Believe me, I got access to more valuable resources from them, rather than from my college. When Switch Idea received it’s seed funding, we literally had no idea about company formation and other major elements. I consulted a couple of legal advisors, and their pricing was way to high. Fortunately, our investor suggested us VakilSearch, and since then we have been having more time for our customers. Plus, we’re saving a lot of money! These guys can help you to:

  • Get your company incorporated
  • Get your IP registered
  • Define and frame the Privacy Policy & Terms for your website
  • Understand more about equity distribution and issuing share certificates
  • Get Company Secretary and really good Chartered Accountants
  • Maintain your book of accounts
  • Auditing

HappyFox HappyFox: Another great startup from Chennai. There are dozens of emerging support desks – some getting funded, some market leaders and others, really pathetic. However, I love those who are bootstrapped. No questions asked, simply go for it – if your product/service needs the best support desk. Reasonable pricing and awesome team. (BTW, I love the name – ‘HappyFox’ – every time I log on to their dashboard, I become happy).

TypeFormTypeForm: Looking for building forms for your next survey? I mean really good looking forms. TypeForm is your solution. The reason I love these guys even more is because I have been closely following their product getting evolved over the time. These bunch of product designers hail from Barcelona, and as a matter of fact, I was the first user from India to get its beta access, and I personally know David Okuniev, the co-founder at TypeForm (for all those endless skype calls).

See Your Visitors See Your Visitors: There are so many other tools that let you do this, however, this one is at par when we talk about most accuracy in terms of real-time positioning and tracking of your visitors on your website. Sign up, copy the code, paste it in your pages, you’re done! Start visualizing how your customers and visitors view, scroll, move and click on your site in real-time.

There are many great tools I’d share in near future, however I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Do let me know if this post was in anyway useful to you.

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