Get A Job Before You Graduate

I was standing in queue to order my favourite McDonald’s veggie burger when suddenly I heard a familiar voice. There over the counter, was Yuvi, my neighbour. He smiled with excitement and proudly exhibited his proficiency in handling customers. I could not but wonder how these youngsters manage their studies along with a job, a schedule that demands smart work and time management.

Getting a part time job while still pursuing your graduation is a trend which is catching up fast in India. In the west, it was a common phenomenon where kids work for their pocket money, arrange garage sale, do summer job etc.

But is money the only factor which attracts today’s youth to have a job so early?

Despite being qualified with a degree, most of the graduates feel the necessity to have on-the-job training to bridge the gap between the theoretical knowledge they get in college and the real practical corporate experience. Everybody would agree with me that even a six month part time job could shape your personality for the better. You understand the pressures of work,the importance of being punctual, keeping up with promises and the most importantly, the realization that “the customer is always right”!

Whether you like it or not , the question which is often asked in any job interview is about  your work experience, even voluntary work done for an NGO is considered an advantage. A meaningful work experience even for a short span will give you an edge over others.

Before liberalization of our economic policy, it was pretty difficult to get a job, even a part time job or an internship. But now the world has “flattened” and has created lot of avenues for youngsters. Before you decide on a  job along with studies, it is absolutely essential to know your personality type and your strengths. From sales, marketing, event management, outsourcing, journalism,  online work, food chains to even jobs like tutoring, gym training, sports, Music, performing arts…the list is endless.

Whether you are a newspaper buff or social networking bug, you will find loads of opportunity pouring in for students.The trick is to understand that a particular job suits your routine and whether it be  beneficial for future. The money is obviously important but it’s should not always be on the top of your priority list at least at this juncture.

Do make use of various career fairs, trade fairs and promotional events that happen in big cities. Engage with other people and thought leaders in these events. Also, these event organizers are always in need of staff.

It is a misconception among many students that an impressive resume is only for professionals. In fact students need it more to showcase their skills, academic records and other traits in order to attract potential employer.

So, my dear young people, gear yourself for a heady start and open that job window even before you get your graduation degree. Throw yourself completely in and figure out your career on the fly. You are young and you have all the time in the world to experiment. Find your calling and make your dreams happen.


  • Great advice , some time part time job can be more intresting full time jobs

    Very nice article

    • Cheers Rohit! Hope to deliver more articles to you from now. Stay tuned.

  • Its awesome… I think evry minute details fr students are discsd above.. Hope to read more… As this post motivates the youngsters to realise their dreams by showing them a path to achieve it….

    • Thanks for the kind words, Damini. We will keep posting relevant material from now on.

  • Nice article. this could be a stepping stone towards entrepreneurship for few…. keep posting

    • Thanks Atul 🙂 We have quite a bit of stuff planned in the days to come. Keep a look out.

  • Good piece of work. Well researched article.must read for everyone .keep posting such interesting article .

  • very interesting article , I will request author to write about more topics
    like : how to grow our part time work/ business

    • Thanks for your feedback, Ravi. We are glad you liked the article. We plan to cover the topics that you have mentioned soon. Stay tuned and spread the word! 🙂

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